Friday, July 19, 2013

LM.C Ameblo: Aiji → Two years old.

Credits/Source: milktune


Today my girl turned two.


A little less than two years has passed since we started living together, but I wonder if I wouldn’t say we make a perfect family already.

Though, well, right now I’m in the middle of our tour so I couldn’t be home for her birthday. I’m sorry for that. 

Anyway, I guess from here on I want her to – as the healthy cat she is – keep on walking the cat road. (laughs)

Ms. Sora, congratulations on your second birthday ☆



30 seconds of LM.C's live tour!(´ε` ) 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

7th Anniversary Message Project!

7 years enjoying LM.C's music! (´ε` )♡ 
It's been organised a project about it! Here's the info:

It consists on leaving messages for LM.C. Messages will we hand written in a book which will be sent to Mayu who is a Japanese fan, and she will then be handing the book to LM.C at their live on October 5th!

It must be writen in English or Japanese.
Please don't make your message too long or it wont fit in the book. keep it to around 200-300 words maximum. You can leave the message HERE or to MAD LM.C FAMILY's email ( ) with the subject '7th ANNIVERSARY'.



Sunday, September 25, 2011

5th Anniversary Project!

Info thanks to MAD LM.C Family:

One of the Japanese fans, Mayu made a project for LM.C's 5th Anniversary and really wants oversea fans to join too!!
It's something like a questionnaire about you being an LM.C fan.

✩First thing you need to do is send a congratulation message and your name to: with a photo of YOU with your LM.C collection/first live ticket/friend you was able to meet thanks to LM.C/etc.[1261x1800px]

✩Second thing: fill this form {HERE} with your name[the one you put in mail], mail address, your reflections/memories about LM.C [music, first live, etc.] and describe a photo you send in the mail.
[everything in english or japanese]



She is planning to make a book out of our 'entries' and give it to LM.C on their anniversary live.It seems really fun, so please join! d(@^∇°)/

Thursday, September 22, 2011

LM.C again in Nico Nico Live!

It seems that one more time LM.C will appear in Nico Nico, live broadcast.
Also it seems that they'll appear with other japanese band, SuG.
The live broadcast will be on 5th October at 17:00 (japanese time). But it is necessary log in ten minutes before, it seems that if you log in minutes later you won't be able to watch it.
So please make your calculations to know what time it will be broadcast in your country.

This is the link to have access to the video.

Note: If you wanna see the video, it's necessary you've got a account in Nico Nico.